Lexus Takes Top Spot in Consumer Reports’ Reliability Survey

In its annual Consumer Reports vehicle reliability rankings, Lexus took the top spot, up from third place last year, and Toyota retained its No. 2 ranking, the Chicago Tribune reports. Japanese brands were also named seven of the 10 most reliable.

The five most reliable vehicles, according to Consumer Reports, are the Toyota Prius liftback, the Lexus ES 300h Hybrid, the Scion xB, the Toyota Prius c and the Subaru Forester with the non-turbo-charged engine.

Ten of those highest scorers were Toyotas. Of the eight Lexus models in the survey, six got top marks. All Lexus models earned an above average reliability score, while all Toyota models earned an average or better reliability score.

“Two popular models, Honda’s redesigned 2013 Accord with a V6 engine and the 2013 Nissan Altima, scored too poorly for Consumer Reports to continue recommending them,” the Tribune added.

Read the entire Chicago Tribune story.

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